Hey Naturalistas,

I was gone for a minute... Well, almost exactly two years to be exact. And although I wish I could say it was all fun and games and non-stop partying.

It wasn't.

Let me run down the gist of it all...
  • Been sick...  LUPUS is no joke.
  • I also wrote a new book - The Lies You Tell but more about that in a separate post...
  • And as a result of the Lupus (meds and all) my hair has been really dry and tangly - just awful. And to be honest y'all I wasn't feeling talking about hair. AT ALL!
  • It didn't help that I colored it a pretty auburn color out of a box and then didn't deep condition it as I should have...

Had the nerve to not deep condition! Where. Do. They. Do. That. ???

Over here apparently...

I was tired y'all. Anemia was rampant... Energy levels in the toilet. I wound up cutting off all of that colored hair, but what was good was that I still have hair! The bald spots subsided with a little help from Mane Choice Vitamin regimen, if you don't know about that line - where have you been?

Anyway, I have grown a whole new head of hair! But it's dry y'all and in need of some real TLC.

Me now with no color. womp-womp.

I am back to tell you what I am doing about it. I am making wigs!

Here is my first one:

This wig was 3 bundles of Brazilian curly hair form Her Hair company. The lengths were 20, 18, 16 and a 14 inch closure. I made the wig and found I had no idea how to cut it so I took it to a friend and she cut it and although I lost a LOT of length I did love it, so I have been rocking it. HARD! lol

Let me know what you think! 

I will be posting more about how I make wigs and where I get my bundles and closures as well as my new hair growth journey with It Works - Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins.

Love peace and waist-length or bust!


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