The Year In Retrospect {Thank God We MADE IT}

Let's face it…

2014 was full extremely high peaks

…and extremely low valleys.

I am here to tell you - I am so glad to put last year behind me and start fresh!

How about you?

What did your year take you through?

My 2014 was a year for break-ups and breakthroughs, losses and new found successes. The love I had, I lost it, or rather realized that there was no future in it for me. I left my city job for a job with flexibility and built in travel as well as an opportunity to make real impact in education that is stretching me mentally (I love the job, but I that insurance plan!)

We all experienced the pain and anguish of the police trials or rather the lack there of in the cases of young Black men being slain at their hands. The hashstags #HandsUp #DontShoot #BlackLivesMatter #BlackMenMatter as well as #CrimingWhileWhite will live on to document the disparity in our country as it relates to race and police action.

The end of the year brought me to my knees literally! Spiritually in prayer and physically in pain and illness, but it also held a wonderful praise report in that I was nominated President of the Board of a new organization:

I Am Enough! Empowering Young Women To Discover Their Self-Worth

This was a shock! It really made me think about my ability to impact change on a demographic not unlike my own. It also reaffirmed my leadership potential. I am so ready to get 2015 popping!

What about you!?

What do you have planned to achieve this year?

Do you have goals you want to accomplish like losing that stubborn 25 lbs that won't seem to budge? Or maybe to be consistent with a certain activity like working out or saving money (like me with blogging)?

Let me know by leaving a comment below or sending me an email! Also, you should SUBSCRIBE!
This year promises to be power-packed and full of monthly posts on being a Naturalista in reference to hair, lifestyle, finances, health and personal motivation!

In the meantime, stay positive! This is my new mantra for the year!

Remember, only a positive mind can produce a positive life!

All my best,

Tanefa Wallace
That NY Naturalista


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