Hey There NaturaliStars! {Life with Anemia: Fighting Back}

How are you guys?

I have been doing a lot over the past six months that didn't leave much time for blogging, but I wanted to come by and give you some updates of the highlights!

I finished another book!
I quit my state job and started at a non-profit centered on closing the achievement gap…

AND unfortunately….

I was losing my hair! It was coming out non-stop every time I touched it. Just sliding from my scalp into my hands and it became difficult to understand what was going on. I went to the doctor after feeling extremely lethargic, my fingers were blue, denim blue, which indicates loss of blood flow to my extremities and my blood pressure was 80/55. I was told to go home immediately and drink lots of water and REST.

My job was part of the issue it was an extremely toxic and hostile work environ. Never underestimate the power of atmosphere. My doctor ran tests after tests and finally, I was diagnosed with anemia associated with Lupus (which I considered an incomplete diagnosis) which was the culprit.

Below is a video from a blogger that I follow. I love her generosity of spirit in sharing her story so that it can help others. The thing is… It's eerily similar to mine. I was rushed to the ER from work one day because of the severity of chest pain! They thought I was having a STROKE toooooo!

SistaWith Natural Hair's description of anemia symptoms

Yes… I know. Crazy right? (here's a link to her initial video that explains what anemia is…)

It was one of the main reasons I stopped blogging. It was depressing trying to talk to you NaturaliStars about hair and natural living when I was experiencing so much trauma and drama in my life and on the health front!

To be honest, what prompted this post was that I was feeling better but stopped taking the iron for about 4 weeks and feel myself slipping back into that dark place yet again. I have to make an appointment with my doctor next week to check my iron levels and check on that half-assed Lupus diagnosis she gave me 6 months ago.

I hope that you guys are taking care of yourselves and if you are experiencing any of the symptoms that she is describing here, please PLEASE PLEASE go see your primary care physician ASAP. 

With love and self-care,


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