UPDATE PHOTO ADDED {Unlimited You!} Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation 2014 Conference

Hey Naturalistas!

I know some amazing sisters at Heal A Woman, Heal A Nation, and when I heard about their conference coming up, I decided I wanted to go. I'd been hearing about the conference for the last few years (this is their 11th year) but was never in a space to go.

This year was the year for me, and for them.

I say that because this year I was in a different head space. I had declared that I was going to pursue my life's purpose with abandon and let go of the excuses I had allowed to pervade my mind as if they were fact.

Excuses like:

You can't do that.
You need that job to provide for your children.
It's too risky.
What if "they"don't get it?

Well, "they" are going to have to go along for the ride because I am going full speed ahead and this conference gave me not only the tools for what I needed NEXT but the inspiration for me to pursue it even harder with the fellowship I experienced April 11-13!

This past weekend was also extremely special to me because April 11 is my dearly departed mother's birthday. It seemed fitting to me to embark on this journey with her on my mind the first day of the conference. She had died too soon, out of fear, having never pursued her life's dream of becoming a hit woman for the CIA. Yes, my momma wanted to be Quinn for all of you Gladiators out there!

That's three elevens as well people… but more about that later
(Did I tell you I was a trained Numerologist?)

Anywho, I met so many like-minded women on a journey similar to mine all needing a little something extra to give them the boost into what was next for their businesses and their lives!

This year's conference was sponsored by BET, Covergirl and Constant Comment to name a few! Morgan State University and Coppin State University were also amongst those contributing to make sure this event went off without a hitch!

But, it was the women whom made it happen.

Sis Mothyna, Monokia and Maria along with Adia and the volunteers as well as the many Ambassadors and new Ambassadors made that weekend, made this event rock! Add in the guest speakers like TeeJ Mercer, whose story of Resiliency brought the entire house down and Rosetta Thurman (y'all know I love's me some Happy Black Woman!)

Chile! I was in girl crush HEAVEN!

These women along with the countless other women who joined me on this weekend journey, made this experience one I will remember for a lifetime.

My Takeaways:

1. How to blog for results.
2. How to brand myself and more importantly, what a brand is and how I convey it.
3. That God being the center of my life is exactly where He should be and that I MUST TRUST HIM for him to work in my life without so much pain and drama.
4. That I can accomplish anything I prepare myself to complete.
5. That when my sister is successful, I am as well - I am that I am because you are what you are.
6. Networking is key for success.
7. In order to attract money/wealth you have to not only respect it, you have to be positive about it!
8. What you visualize and rehearse is what you manifest.
9. Loving and caring for yourself is the most important investment you can make.
10. Teach your children what you know so that they too can be successful.

Some of these things I already knew but it was great to hear and experience them with a room full of women who were as open and receptive as I was! I met several women with whom I am thinking I will be able to build friendships and business relationships to boot!

Stay Soul On Purpose!


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