{The Life I Mean to Have} Living with Intention

Hey there TNYN Followers!

I know I have been seemingly mum about New Year's Resolutions thus far into the New Year.

Largely because I am not making any. However, I am committed to making some changes about how I view my life and my pursuit of happiness and fulfillment this year.

Rosetta Thurman said something about creating a yearly theme for your life and then the same sentiment was expressed by Chris Guillebeau, one of the panelists for 100 Life Goals! I knew then that what I was thinking had to be put into action. All of my goals and activities for this year will flow from this theme!

My theme for this year is THRIVE! Thrive because to survive is what I have been doing and to thrive means to grow or develop well or vigorously; to flourish, prosper or bloom. I plan on doing all of these.

In the spirit of this commitment to THRIVE I have done a few things to gear up for the new year:

  • I joined a closed group challenge on Facebook spearheaded by one of my HS acquaintances who has proven recently to have more in common with me then, than I suspected and most definitely now we are on similar wavelengths. In this group, we are committing to doing some dietary, exercise, mind changing, life evolving activities like reading a couple of books and working out to the tune of T25! The first book is The Four Agreements - which is already changing my outlook, only two chapters in!
  • I also participated in the 100 Life Goals Live Webinar! It was life changing and the line up consisted of luminaries like Myleik Teele, Shaun King (the founder of the movement), Deepak Chopra (one of my favorite thinkers alive), as well as Harper Hill and many others. 
    • I downloaded the notes and took a few of my own as well, if you're interested, follow my page and leave a comment with your email address and I will send the notes to you! 

Unfortunately, the link is now only available to those who are enrolled in 100 Life Goals University. I haven't joined the movement because I am not able to commit to the time due to other commitments, but I will on the next cycle…
  • I also participated in a webinar pre-NYE with Rosetta Thurman of Happy Black Woman! It was called "Launch Yourself! 5 Simple Steps to Launch Your Business This Year and Finally Start Getting Paid to DO WHAT YOU LOVE." She shared some simple but effective tools to assist you in getting on the road to doing what you love to do this year! 
    • I will also share the PDF of this webinar with the FIRST 5 Followers who comment with their email addresses!
  • I also started two other IG accounts:
    • TheWriteWayFaye
    • Soul_On_Pupose 
I started these two new accounts because I have released Tangerine Blues, a book of poetry, on Smashwords.com! It's available for download (click the link above) for Kindle and in PDF and will soon (within a week) be available on Barnes and Noble Kobo, Amazon and iBooks among other retailers!

I am also practicing Reiki at Serenity Wellness Studios and created a website Soul On Purpose and will be on Groupon. I am a Reiki master and am helping women get Goal on Purpose thru my work as a counselor from this site as well! 

So, as you can see, I am a busy little Queen B already in the New Year! I pray your New Year is productive! 

Don't just survive life, THRIVE!