{Soft|Lustrous|Full} My New Hair Routine/Braid Out

Hey Naturalistas,

I'll admit it, I've been in a hair rut. Managing the moisture in my hair has been difficult with this freezing and then all of a sudden it's warm again weather! So, I have been trying to find a solution in my massive hair closet. You already know what it looks like and if not, maybe one day I'll show you! LOL!

I achieved the perfect braid out recently and I am going to show you what I used and tell you what I did to get this amaze-balls definition, shine and curl! Plus it was soft as all get out too!

First Day Hair!

I washed and conditioned my hair on Sunday with these products, which I think were critical to my hair retaining moisture along with the regimen I followed. I deep conditioned with a saturating mixture of the Aubrey GPB and Matrix Conditioning Balm (Sally's Generic) with my hair in saran wrap and a hat, for an hour or two or three….lol I put in after church and washed it out when it was bedtime/wash time! I then washed with the Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo, scalp only, with my hair in three sections (I'll tell you why in a few), and detangled with the HEHH!

The large bottle in the back is Herbal Essences Hello Hydration

I took each of the three sections and separated them into two to make the braiding go easier! ONLY 6 BRAIDS! I added a spritz of Juices and Berries, worked it in, then a nickel sized amount of Cantu Shea Butter, lastly I added a nickel sized amount of BOING from oyin handmade to each braid. My container of Boing is in disguise, my daughter works there so I get first dibs/I'm a crash test dummy! LOL! 

I had to put perm rods on the front braids - I wanted to wear my hair FRESH for the Monday…

….but it was raining Monday all the way through Wednesday, so it stayed under wraps for those four days which may have a lot to do with the definition. While it was under wraps, I moisturized it with oyin handmade's Juices and Berries spray and sealed with coconut oil once a day. 

This wrap was a quick one! I surprised myself!
My favorite color makes me smile!

When I finally took it out, I was surprised at how nice it felt! My hair has been going through y'all! This below freezing weather has been stripping my hair of moisture and it has been shedding, splitting and DRY!
Not anymore! This was Saturday (3 Day hair!)  at my video shoot - more on that in another post!
 Can anyone see what game that is in the background?

At night, I used my trusty old EboniBonnets Ebonnet! It is amazing for keeping your hair's moisture intact, while allowing it room to breath and not get SCRUNCHED or DRY in those lesser bonnets out there!

Monday - 5 Day BIG HAIR! At the Wizards game with my lil man!
(We got photo bombed!)

The top right of my head is a little frizzy by this pic and although it's not that noticeable in this picture, my straight ends on that same side are showing - GRRR! So it was time to re-braid! I used the same exact products but with only about a dime sized amount of the creams.

Straight ENDs Suck!
The Process/Products

Smoothing them in, one at a time after spritzing…

The 6 Braids!

I almost forgot to seal with Trader Joe's Coconut Oil!

Not sure these braids will last three days like the last ones although it is supposed to be freezing again, which is a great reason to keep it under wraps. Freezing temps leach the moisture from natural hair!

I'll keep you posted on the outcome of this Re-Braid Out! In the meantime, keep your hair moist in this below freezing weather!

Braid-Outs and Bomb Fros to you all!

That NY Naturalista