{Mentoring Has It's Privileges} She Got In!

Hey Naturalistas!

I just got great news! One of the Morgan students I mentor got into Teach for America!

For those of you who don't know, TFA is one of the premier teaching programs in the country. For a two year commitment, the best and brightest around the country are placed into a graduate school to earn their teaching credentials while they teach in an urban or rural district to effect change!

It's one of the most rigorous and rewarding to those who survive their first two years Survival Island style! Being her mentor and a TFA alumna, I was ecstatic that she decided to apply when she told me she was interested in teaching and wasn't sure where she wanted to go for grad school.

Why didn't I mention it to her and push her you ask?

I mean if the program is so great - why didn't you tell her all about it, you ask?

Well, because it's HARD.

It's difficult to be away from home and family and the children in the urban schools can be difficult and their parents can be worse. Because I wanted her to want it before I told her about it. Because the program is JUST getting to be diverse and when I did it 10 years ago - yes, 10 years ago, it really wasn't so much.

Lastly, because I wasn't sure if she wanted it as bad as being in TFA. Honestly, Teach For America reads like a cult to some people and I wasn't sure if she was about that life.

Now that she's in, I am going hard in the paint for her to follow through. Our kids need brave, Black young men and women to flood their schools showing them love and educating them guerrilla style like TFA teaches you to. Even though I am no longer in the classroom, I cherish the moments I was because TFA prepared me. The thing was, I was already ready - I hope she is.