{Merry Christmas} I'm Late BUT - I've Got PICS!

It's the day AFTER Christmas and I am JUST posting this message to you!

I pray that all went well in your celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…

My Christmas went well and I had a Christmas Eve Brunch this week to call together women that I have wanted to fellowship with all year! Because I didn't have a birthday party this year, I decided to celebrate this way. I also wanted to let them know I was going to start back up having events!

These events will be different from the other Naturalista events I had been having because they will have more of a discussion and themed feel to them! I will post about these events later.

I wanted to share as well as some pics of that as well as some of the children opening their gifts!

So… Christmas Eve Brunch Pics first! And then the Christmas Pictures!

This was the drink and pastry station!
There was also Chai Tea and an assortment of other herbal teas!

This WAS the food. They ate it up before I could take a picture!
There was Spinach Quiche, Roasted Root Vegetables, Roasted Sausage
Fruit Salad, Bagels with an assortment of spreads, Peppermint Waffle Cookies
(and the Pastries on the other table) 
Our Christmas Tree
The Kids!
Their Gifts! (There was actually a couple under there for me!)
He was Fascinated! He Got Everything He Wanted!
(I actually told him there was no Santa Claus this year.
Check my other blog Balancing Being Super for how that went!) 
She's Concentrating…

I wanted some arm candy and almost bought some!
That is a Green Jade and Silver Bracelet and a
Black Onyx and Silver Bracelet!
I added the watch and Tiffany Bracelet to fill it out….

Merry Christmas from My Mini-Me and Myself!

AND Joseph!
Wishing you Love and Peace in this Holiday Season!