Hey Fabulous Naturalistas,

This book has been so many years in the making!

I dare not even say how long, but God is GOOD and I am done!

Tangerine Blues is an e-book of poetry based on a theme of eating fruit. We've all had that one piece of fruit that looked sooooo good on the outside, but once we bit into it was sour or tainted by rot. Kinda like a man. I mean well kind of what we feel when we start out dating someone and they seem so shiny and sweet and kind and then we get in a little further (we bite the fruit) and it's not what it seemed like at all and we want to spit it out!

The e-book doesn't stay there in the sour feeling of tainted love though, it moves into the sweetness of the full flavor of a ripe mango and the love it invokes when its succulent juices drip down your chin. Tangerine Blues also touches on societal issues and politics in the section titled The Flesh and Skin, which is the part of the book that showcases the entirety of life.

I hope you will click, download a snippet, review and purchase! It's only 99¢ on Smashwords and available in PDF and other e-reader formats!