{Looking for Lessons in the Midst of Chaos} Paying Attention

Hey TNYN Readers!

I have been besieged by trials lately and instead of worrying and/or freaking out, I have been doing my best to keep a calm head, check my emotional response and pray. This response is something that has taken me a while to get in order and I work on it daily. This is where the test comes in. It seems like as soon as you get to place with yourself, crazy things happen! Take for instance what happened to me yesterday. I left home without my iPad or cell phone, which is highly unusual. I wasn't sure what to do about it because there was no way I could go back home to get it, so I went on with my day. Something told me to stop home and pick it up on my way to my doctor's appt., but  I didn't want to be late and when I arrived just in the nick of time, I justified my pushing that thought to stop at home away, feeling vindicated. I was wrong. In light of what occurred afterward, that was the voice of God and it may have saved me from so much more trouble down the road.

Lesson One - Listen to the small still voice.

This is not to say that having my phone would have been more beneficial or less, but I am sure that because I didn't listen, there was something that could have happened through my obedience that didn't. No one I called was able to help me anyway, but it would have been helpful to at least have my mechanic's number because my car broke down at my next destination - my son's school! He doesn't live that far away and there is no telling what could have been done if only I had heeded. The other problem was not only did I not have my phone, which means I couldn't call my mechanic, or anyone else for that matter, I also didn't have any cash on hand.

Lesson Two - Always keep at least $20 in your car for emergencies.

I know we've always heard our parents tell us to keep money on us in emergency situations but in these days of debit card life and such, many of us never do. The other side of that issue is that I didn't have any money anyway. SMH! Life is really ridiculous for me right now people. I thank, bless and praise God for the kindness of (almost) strangers in this instance because not only did someone allow me to use their cell phone to call my insurance company (thank God for roadside assistance!). The secretary of the school gave me cab fare home - that same $20 bucks I just told y'all about.

Lesson Three - Maintain your car!

My car has been a nightmare and it came to light during my conversation with the secretary that perhaps I got a lemon because the make and model car I have is one that has a reputation for being dependable that is legendary. The problem is that it has so many problems and issues I have already poured so much money into, I can't see myself spending another dime on it. In any case, I say maintain your car as a lesson in this instance anyway because I was embarrassed to find that there was almost NO OIL in my car! I don't know when I'd last gotten the oil changed because I had been so busy spending money on BIG things with the car, the little, but important things had slipped my remembrance.

Lesson Four - No matter what happens, always maintain your composure.

I had a migraine/sinus headache, it was raining, I didn't have my cell phone, I was (or should have been) embarrassed, I had an Rx I needed filled in my pocket and only the money for it to be filled and I had my six-year-old son with me who is the most inquisitive little person I know. Through all of that, I remained calm. I prayed in my mind to God for Him to help me because there was no way I was going to be able to do anything about my situation. And He did. The car got towed without my having to be there or give them a number to call (unheard of). The school secretary found $20 dollars in the petty cash when she thought she had given it all away earlier that day, and a teacher or nurse (I have no idea which) gave me an additional $5 as well.

Lesson Five - Don't count on the people you know to be there every time when you need them.

As I said earlier, the people I did call were unable to help me at the time and my significant other was out of town on business (in a different time zone) and completely unavailable (not to mention I couldn't remember his phone number without my phone - SMH)! Sometimes, when it comes down to it, all you have is yourself. Well, you and God that is. This is not to say that the people you know don't love you or want to help you, they may just be unable to - period. Too far away, involved in something they can't stop at that particular moment, not able to because of financial constraints etc... It's nothing to get your panties crunchy about or make you vow to never trust or get close to anyone about either, its just the facts and when you are able to reconcile that with the fact that you are an adult and sometimes you just have to go it alone you will be better for it.

Lesson Six - Sometimes (well all of the time really) things happen because they have to and you have to deal with them.

This showed me that I need to prepare more for life in general and my life in particular. As a single mother of two, my financial life needs to be shored up to cover the rigorous demands of my life. I didn't always have these issues, but I have't always been alone in dealing with things financially for my family either. In realizing that I am and will be the sole contributor to my families financial well being for the time being, I have to make some changes and quick. One of them will be to start a viable business and the other to budget more stringently the cash I do have.

As always, I post these things about my life in hopes that you can relate, find nuggets to assist your journey or just so you can laugh at my hilarious life. I know I do.



  1. these are great lessons, so glad you're living and learning!!

  2. So am I! The alternative would not be pretty. So many lament and throw grand pity parties, I'd rather take the lesson and run on... Thanks for stopping by!

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  5. These things are all so true - I especially love the part about listening to the small voice!

  6. Thanks lady! I'm so better at it now. I guess that's why we go through things sometimes, so that we are able to get close enough to God to hear His voice in our ear.


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