{This Dry Hair GOTS TO STOP!} Coconut Cream Treatment/Relaxer?

I've been struggling y'all. Nah for real. It has GOT TO STOP. The breakage and dryness is ridiculous!

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The struggle is real for me. I haven't weaved my hair or gotten braids in over 18 months and that is NOT LIKE ME!

My hair is used to getting a break for at least 3-4 months per year and I think that because of my transitioning and trying to cut my ends off as quickly as possible I have not done my protective styling like I usually would whether I was relaxed or natural.

When I was relaxed, I would get my hair braided at least 2 times a year. My little sister is a master braider! She would hook her big sister up with some braids without a problem (for Christmas or Birthdays it was the perfect gift! - LOL!

Bo Derek Style

Box Braids

Poetic Justice Braids

But it just hasn't happened lately...

I also had my good girlfriend weave my hair up too, but I am looking for a more complete protective style with ALL of my hair except for the very bare perimeter out or a bang and she does the U style weave, where your hair is out and therefore prone to damage and breakage, IMHO.
Brazilian in Miami {LOL}

Straight Weave On the Patio {HA}

Sexy on the Settee {I KILL ME!}

SO... Until I get my money up for the hair to get a nice weave or handmade wig install, like Maria Antoinette does here:

I am going to be conditioning the HECK out my hair!

It's been rebelling man. Dry, breaking, the CURLS done turned to KINKS on a sister and even though there ain't nothing wrong with kinks, my hair is MISBEHAVING like it needs to get spanked.

Therefore I did some investigating into how to get it to behave without cutting it all off or GASP - relaxing it for real!

Enter the:

Coconut Cream Conditioning Treatment aka Coconut Cream Relaxer
(DON'T Ask ME Why They Call It THAT!)

Here is a video I came across in my youtube search for a deep conditioner and I think I am going to do it once every 2 weeks until I get my money up for my weave!

Now, she is applying this to her daughter (and her babygirl is such a good little mama!)

It looks like it would work on my hair as well. Her daughter has 3C hair and I have 4A with a 4B, 3C mix with some hair without any curl at all - just fizz and no it's not heat damaged... just schizo.

The recipe and process I am going with is:

2 TBS of coconut oil
2 TBS of coconut cream concentrate
10 oz of Fat Free Plain Yogurt

Mixed and applied with an applicator brush then left on for 45 minutes with heat under the dryer with a plastic cap on.


  1. Anonymous2:05 AM

    wat was your results?

  2. Heyyyyy Anon! It was mixed results. The conditioner was a real good one and it softened my hair but I didn't dissolve the coconut cream well enough and it left some white residue that took a few rinsings to get out. Haven't done it since. Maybe I will though because the dry hair has returned.


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