{"I Am A Natural Commodity"} Are You?

Hey Ladies!

I know I've been absent lately and there have been so many things going on! 

Planning for this event (see below), my son's kindergarten closing and my daughter's prom and graduation has been taking up all of my time! 

"I Am A Natural Commodity" is going to be the BOMB.COM 

If you are a Naturalista who wants to become better, more fit, more healthy and make some lifestyle changes to live a more natural lifestyle then THIS is the event for you! It will be at The Living Well on Charles Street in Baltimore, MD.

Let me put it like this, "I Am A Natural Commodity" will have:

1. Fitness experts
2. Lifestyle Coach
3. Natural Hairstylist
4. Holistic Doctor
5. Wellness Experts/Vendors 
6. Fresh, natural and healthy food & drinks
7. Sponsorship by Oyin Handmade (!!!!!!!) 
8. Jewelry Vendors - Banging earrings to complement that wonderful TWA or bodacious Fro!
9. A Panel (moderated by me) to help you get your questions on how to get started answered.




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