{Keep Your Shine} In Lieu of Tragedy in Our Midst

Like much if the country I have been in shock at the recent violent events in Boston and now in Texas. There is so much hatred and violence in the world that we have to remember and remind ourselves that there are always more good things and people in the world than evil.
It is in these time that it is difficult to see the light for all the darkness we face. In these cases it is even more important to nurture the light inside yourself. Then you are SURE there is a light in the world. 
Know that one light can shine so much that the darkness recedes from view.
Some pointers for keeping your light bright in the midst of all of the chaos in the world:
1. Limit your exposure to the news stations and people who are consumed with the things that have happened. You don't want to rehearse the evil in the world because it will become your focus and extinguish your light.
2. Pray or meditate more. Going into a quiet place to converse with yourself and your maker (whomever you see that as being) is a great way to set yourself up to be a beacon of light! It will allow you to refresh yourself and face whatever the world throws at you.
3. Surround yourself with and stay in touch with loved ones. This will keep your mind from wondering if something will happen to them, reassure of their safety as well as keep your spirits high! (Especially if you have a family full of jokesters like I do! They are hilarious!)
4. All in all keep your mind stayed on the positives that are happening around you! The sun is still shining (unless its raining and there is even beauty in that). The smile of a child. The laughter of a stranger. We are surrounded by God's grace. Take it in. Be grateful.