Flat Twist Curly Fro! {HOTD}

I saw this wonderful hairstyle on IG and after cutting 4 inches off my mane over the past 2 weeks I figured it was time to go back curly and see how the cut stood up to my curly fro styles!

March 11th Curly Fro Style
I loved this one too but I used too much product and wanted a more simple style with proven results.

Without any more ado - Let's get into this style!

The PPT: {products, process and tools}

The first thing I did was take my rat tail comb, part my hair and scratch my scalp to remove the dry skin and buildup that was percolating up in there. It was a jungle on my scalp in certain areas!

I also trimmed another 1-1.5 inches off of my hair again because I am being aggressive in my relaxer removal. At this point I am ready for a wash and go this summer with a little length to it! My hair grows faster in the spring and summer so I am not concerned with it growing back, I am more concerned with it being even, healthy and eventually relaxer free!
See that snow on my shoulder!? EWWHH!
The PPT! 
Poo: Suave Naturals Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo

  • I had some build up and needed to use a sulfate shampoo to clarify my scalp and hair from the build up.
  • I section into 4 sections but only clip up three so that I can rotate the clips and have one section free that I am working on it makes it go faster and in the end I usually wind up putting the two back sections together anyway.

Condish: Aussie Moist Conditioner

  • In shower directly after washing for detangling and conditioning my hair from the sulfate shampoo application with my shower comb

Deep Condish: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner

  • For 45 minutes under the dryer AFTER washing

Pause for the texture shot! See those ends! GRRR!!!

Okay, so after ALL of that, I took a texture shot! I was feeling how my curl pattern showed up! I am relaxer free in the back but the top and front are still straight on the ends unfortunately :(  This meant I had to use perm rods and as you will see... That was something that one piece you see in the picture didn't even want to comply with! Get curly already!

The Process:

  • I parted and flat twisted my hair applying a small dollop of the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in  to each section and distributing it from root to tip with my Denman Brush.
  • I had to add more water towards the end as the front got a little dry while I did the back.
  • I put in 13 flat twists in total; 7 in the front and 6 in the back.
  • FIRST TIME USING THE CANTU!! LOVED IT!! My daughter uses it all the time but our textures are a little different - She's 4A-B with tiny pin curls, I'm 3C-4A with some undefined curls at the top and really tight ones on my hairline front and back.

The morning take down fiasco -
The one flat twist with the most straight hair didn't want to comply with the rodding process! LOL! DOH! *HomerSimpsonVoice* 

This was the way it looked in the end! I am going to say this was a 

I hope you Naturalistas out there can use this tutorial! I loved the Pictorial Tutorial I got from Sumetra Reed on IG who inspired this post!

Stay Naturally You!


  1. It looks great and I'm sure it you're feeling the difference in ease of styling since you cut your ends recently. Lovely!

  2. Thanks GG Renee! I am feeling the ease but also feeling the tangling at the ends since I BC'd! I no like it! lol

  3. Good job I am going to try that


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