{The Things I Love} EboniCurls EBonnet Review!

Well, I finally caved and bought an EboniCurls EBonnet!

What the heck is that? You may be asking. As a natural woman who has to sleep, but doesn't want to mess up their do - you may want to keep reading to see just what amazingness this bonnet is!

I first heard about the Ebonnet from Hairscapades last year and was intrigued due to the fierceness of the colors and styles EboniCurls had available. I am a reformed PJ {Product Junkie} and because of this, I was slow to respond....

But then my hair started growing....

The bonnet I had just wasn't cutting it anymore! It was too small and it had none of the double faced thick charmeuse satin poshness that kept coming to mind when I thought about what I'd seen on Shelli's page!

When I looked back and tried to get one, she was sold out! Then when I went back again she was in the process of moving from Etsy to her own page - EboniCurls.com! The page is HAUT!!!!

Anywho, I bought myself and my daughter one and the process was extremely smooth. Eboni was available by IG {Instagram} for a question almost instantly and my processing on her site was quick and easy.

I purchased this one for me and...
ArtisticFlower Nights
Artistic Flower Nights

This one for my daughter!
Purple Royal Nights
Royal Nights

It was about $60 for them both with shipping and handling due to the sale! I caught them on sale for 15% off which was a steal because these are not cheap by a long shot! They are usually about $45 a piece. Don't be discouraged though, they are well worth the price! The craftsmanship is impeccable from the materials used to the stitching!

She uses charmeuse satin, which is expensive but your curls will thank you. A tightly woven satin material assists with your hair retaining moisture throughout the night as you twist and turn and your curls rub against it! It does not pull moisture from your hair as a cotton fabric would and its slip allows your hair to move freely within the bonnet. That coupled with the fact that you can get the bonnet in a large style to accommodate your hair and head was a WIN-WIN!

They arrived in a simple mail bag with my address in neat handwriting, but when I opened it I saw this handwritten note! It was simple and addressed me by name, which I found endearing and thoughtful. I hope that she is able to continue this practice as her business grows!

Usage and results:

Second day flat twist and curl (Pictorial Tutorial in previous post) right out of the bonnet!


Not bad right? My curls were not flattened at all!

This was a great investment that my daughter and I will love and use for years to come! I'm also going to look into getting a shower cap as my hair has my current shower cap sitting on top of my head on my BIG HAIR days!

From me and mine - GO GET ONE! It is well worth it!

That NY Naturalista


  1. Excellent Review!! They look amazing on you ladies! :)

  2. Thank you for making such a quality product EboniCurls!


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