{WARNING} Keep Your Mouth Off My Life

I told someone close to me that I was happy and they attempted to pick apart my happiness and bring up the past where I was unhappy and that left me feeling dazed and confused. I brought it up to my SO because I was obviously still thinking about it and he rebuked me immediately saying, "I don't understand why you would let them speak into your life like that..."

I didn't get it at first, "speak into my life!" What?? That's major. That's like blessing or cursing me!

But when he broke it down, it all came down to this - If you are happy and there is no reason for anyone to think otherwise, why would they bring up your past heartbreaks? Why not just be happy for you? He told me that I allowed them to do that because I was upset by it and still thinking about it. He also said that I needed to be careful about who I share things with...

Which reminds me of Jay and Bey being so secretive (although it was obvious...lol) and that led to me thinking about that Jay-Z video where the girls are in the limo telling their friend:

"He's no item! Please don't like him. He don't wife 'em, he one nights 'em!"

Check it out here at 2:07

What kind of friend questions your happiness without any negative information? Is what he wanted to know. Why would I entertain her and not challenge her thinking? Why did I allow her to get into my mind about him and our relationship when she doesn't even know him?

I realize that some people are just not built to be happy for other people. They can only see the negatives in life because that's how they view life. That's fine for them, but I have to make sure that they keep their mouth off my life...

I am left with this thought:

Don't allow people to speak negatively into your life! They may plant seeds that grow and choke your blessings if you're not careful to use your discernment and pull them up! Everybody ain't happy that you are...



  1. This is such a powerful lesson to share! And how awesome is it that you have such a wise SO :). I totally get this message and still sometimes people catch me with my guard down & I let them project their fears on me. Sometimes in order to keep my peace, I have to just talk less and share less.

  2. GG Renee! I am so much like an open book to those I trust that its difficult for me to stay mum about things, especially if I am happy. I read about my personality, numerological chart and just my general disposition when dealing with people and they all say that I need to be careful when choosing friends because I may trust the wrong people and become tied loyally to those who secretly seek to destroy me. Ain't that a trip!? Well, this current relationship is teaching me to keep my mouth shut about things and play things close to my chest a bit more. I'm grateful for the lesson.


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