Transitioning Talk {Cut It and It Will Grow}

Me and my shoulder length hair today!
Hey Guys! Okay.... So, if you've been coming along for the ride, you know my hair has been through some trials and tribulations over the past two years that I have been transitioning!

If not, check the Naturalista tab for a refresher on the goings on!

I BC'd before (August 2007) and I didn't want to again, because I didn't like the in-between (ear length)  hair! I relaxed again in 2009 and although I was disgusted with myself, I realized that I didn't need a relaxer to rock straight hair and spaced out my relaxers to the point where I just stopped getting them all together.

I had a strong start to my transition this time, but when it started to get a little cold and school/work started again I didn't want to deal with taking care of my natural tresses properly. (I know, I sucked for that.) So, I went and tried to tex-lax my own hair in September of 2011.

WRONG MOVE! Not only did it not take all the way, where it did take (or straighten my hair) it was uneven and probably damaged as well... I did learn one good thing from this process: DIY chemical processing is not my thing... But give me some scissors! And #BAM it's on!

Anywho, Over the past 18 months I have been nurturing my hair back to health and cutting it myself with the help of Suzy from YouTube (see below) and my 20+ years of going to the Dominican hair stylists in NYC. Overall, I have removed about 5-6 inches over the past year and a half!

Suzy ;)
Before and after Suzy's Tut last summer

Just this week, I just cut off ~3 inches because I allowed someone to straighten my hair a few months ago who did not do a good job and my hair was extremely damaged. I attempted to nurse it back to health and not get it straitened for a while, but when I did again by my regular stylist, my hair was not the same - more specifically, my relaxed ends had seen WAY better days! They were looking see-through and stringy and ending up on the floor of my bathroom too much for my liking.

When it came time to wash my last flat twist out, detangling was a nightmare! I noticed that my hair in the very back had very little relaxer on it, less than an inch and was shorter than the rest of my hair. This made my hair look strange from the back! It was see-through from the back not having any length but the top having length, so I had to do something and quick. 

I went back to good all Suzy from my previous layering post and cut more off the back to get it to be almost even. Then I went in and layered my hair in the front because I noticed that my hair had way more relaxer in the front than in the back or on the top of my head. In order to do that, I had to blow and flat-iron my hair of course but after this, no mas on the heat for at least until May.

Here are the pics:

Before I began the cutting...

The beginning of the process... This time around

My hair at the end of the night....
If you look at the last picture and the first picture you may notice that my hair is a little shorter now than it was when I was done that night. It had to be cut a little more because the problem in the back hadn't been solved and the right side was a little longer than the left.... But I was TIRED! LOL! 

At this point, I just hope that it will grow back healthy and even and I can't wait till wash day to see if my relaxer is all gone! My goal is to be relaxer free by summer!

So good hair goals and good hair maintenance lead to longer healthier hair! I'm learning this now and when you know better, you do better....