30 Day Work Out Challenge {Operation Get My Body Back}

Okay so I started a challenge to myself about 8 days ago although I had bought these supplies >
about 6 weeks ago, I wasn't sure what to do with them exactly.

Finally I decided, with a little prompting from my little sister who said when I got to Cali she was gonna work me to the bone, that I was going to work on my booty, abs and arms (basically my whole body).

I needed to lose about 10-15 pounds - my weight has been fluctuating from around 160-155 and my goal weight is 145.

I also want to tone and define my abs and my arms. The things I love to wear are no longer fitting me and I DON'T LIKE IT! NOT ONE BIT!

So, I found a few workouts to get my body ready for the coming season....

The summer of my 40th Birthday!

First up is the 30 Day Squat Challenge: I complete the day's crunches when I wake up! This is the best! I know that sounds crazy but I am on day 7 and LORD if my legs don't feel firmer and stronger already!

Excuse the booty shot, but I need the inspiration!

I am also following this blog post:

I use this post in tandem with the 30 Day Squat Routine to add some variation as well as a weighted arm workout to tone my arms and add some oomph to my squats!

In addition to all of this I am doing at least 50 crunches a night before bed! I figure I may as well work the entire body out in one shot! 

As far as my diet is concerned, I have been drinking my breakfast at least 5 days out of 7 with green smoothie! 

The basic recipe:
1/2 cup of almond or rice milk
1 cup of frozen chopped pineapple
1 whole banana
1 cup of spinach

I may add a teaspoon of Maca powder, frozen strawberries, mango or blueberries at times and next week I will be adding some acai berry smoothie packs!

I had been trying to stay away from the carbs too tough, but I will admit I dropped the ball and had some cake earlier this week and then I had some fried rice and some French toast today! LOL! Carb HEAVEN! LOLOL!! SAD but true.

In order to make up for it, I got on the elliptical for 45 minutes, while I watched Scandal! 

My philosophy is that I am going to eat what I want, I am just going to work on changing what that is...

Good luck getting ready summer out there guys!



  1. Your plan seems solid, and the kettlebell stuff is a great idea! Keep it up :-)


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