Starting Over

I was reading GG's post and it made me think about the fact that we can start all over again and pursue that dream, reach for that goal or even just get a fresh start in a relationship.

You have to muster up the courage and strength to know that you can do what's in your heart.

You also have to have faith in your ability to fulfill your destiny.

I am about to send my daughter away to college and she is turning 18 years old this summer, my son is going to the first grade and this is the year I turn 40. We are all having  As I look back over all my life, I realize that I have done things to make money to support my daughter and then my son but never because its I would love to be doing.

In order to start the "starting all over again" process, you first have to know in which direction you want go and what you will be actually starting over.

I want to start my career over.

I want to start my career over as a writer.

I want to write and I want to talk to people for a living.

I want to write and talk to people assisting them in becoming clear on what they want to begin again.

So the question then becomes where do I start? Does the beginning again start with the plan to start over or with the feeling that I need to because I feel stagnant?

I say it begins with the feeling and then the faith that the universe will make things apparent as you make the first steps.


  1. I say that you're right - it starts with acknowledging your feelings! I'm going through a very similar time. I've been working my 9 to 5 for 12 years and I'm finally finding the courage to take steps towards what I really love to do and what I feel I've been called to do. I would love to suggest that you read a couple of books on purpose and creativity and figuring out how to make a living from what you love. one of the ones that I reference all the time is Gail McMeekin's 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women.

    I'm excited for you and we can continue to share our experiences with each other as we go through this!

  2. Hey GG!

    I concur! I am going to get that book. I am also looking at getting Sister Citizen - Clutch Mag has this Reading challenge (its posted on my page under lifestyle) and I have been reading the reviews on Goodreads! You should look into that one as well.

    I have been in my current profession for almost 10 years and I am burnt out or really disillusioned, so I am making more and more room for my love which is writing and helping people - but helping myself is the first order of business.

    Thanks for the comment!


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