INSTAGRAM!! {Addictive Behavior}

My Turban Head-wrap style!

Okay so I am now on Instagram and I am sooooo open!

I am a visual person and I just love how I can get some real "in - sights" on my family's lives in LA and NY!

I mean FB is cool but so passé! LOLOLOL!

My instagram: ThatNYNaturalista

All of my faves are on there - Shelli from Hairscapades - her instagram is Hairscapades of course as well as Yolanda from which is also her instagram.

I have so many things in the works right now its difficult to keep up with my blogging, but I am going to do my best!

I am meeting with some people today about some video production for my e-book of poetry! Exciting things are on the horizon for me and hopefully for you too!