What I Wore to the Interview!

 Who said Natural can't be professional!?

The shoes were not really visible with the black on black on black I have going on! So here's a close up...I love to wear black - it's one of my favorite colors. It's slimming and professional and it can be dressed up or down depending on the pieces!

I have on:

A black and white boucle Chanel style blazer from Express (Circa 2001??)
An Old Navy sleeveless, black, fit and flair dress (find similar with sleeves here)
Black opaque tights from ummm... IDK honestly, probably the grocery store? OR Macy's?
Shoes from Spiegal from like.. 1998! - I tell you no lie - I keep my clothes forever...

However, these have been recently re-heeled though... Maintenance is KEY!

What do you think?
Was my style on point?
How would you have worn it differently?