The Posting Craze!


So, I have been home for the past week with two sick children (Flu Epidemic hit home HARD) and before that it was Christmas break and I have been posting like mad!

It has been so much fun posting and talking to my followers like NikCarla and Naija as well as my FB peeps about the topics I've engendered!

That being said, I have had much more time to marinate and post on my baby TNYPG... I have another blog The Write Way Faye that I need to devote more time to as well.

So posting to TNYPG is about to be pared down a bit.

I am scheduling myself so that I will be consistently posting on both blogs and writing/editing my work as well...

I do still have two books to finish by June.


Lots of work to do in the '13 guys. I'm ready!

Are you?