The Next 20 Days - Plan & Execute!

I am about to embark on a Full Body Detox!

I used to detox on a regular basis a few years ago and last year, I just didn't have the money (or I didn't think I did, which made me not... law of attraction/the secret - everything is exactly what you think it is) and to be honest I wasn't really in the mind set to do it right.

Me with my certificate
 I need to get back to where I was in 2010 when I'd first gotten my Reiki II Certification and was full of energy and light! 

In following the Full Body Detox I will only be able to eat raw, vegan, foods for 20 days. My church is fasting today from 6AM to 6PM, so I figured I would start with a fresh cleansed palate and drink only water after a hearty breakfast and only water and my supplements provided with the detox program until I would break my fast. 
If you don't know, Brianna's ZESTY French dressing IS THE BOMB!

So... I figure since I have been working on my prayer life lately and have gotten my home life mostly organized, now is the time to detox! I am going to be posting the smoothies, shakes, freshly made juices and salads I will be eating. I am not going to lie to myself, I am going to have to break that rule on date night if we go out to eat and I am not going to feel guilty about it either... ;) 

It's the beginning of a new year with new energy, new people in my space and I am about to DO ALL THE THINGS I know I am capable of doing to BEST of my ability.

To that end, I will:
  • Detox at least twice this year in January and June to stay clear and focused inside out
  • Become a Reiki Master in February so that I can spread energy and light as well as provide myself with an extra income  
  • Finish one novel - The Wayward Wife by the end of March
  • Finish my other novel - As Luck Would Have It by the end of August
  • Eliminate my debt by August (except the ones in plans from my start of this process last year)
  • TRAVEL with my new beau, my children and/or my friends this summer and spring break and hopefully some mini-vacations using my timeshare on the weekends
  • Refurbish my work wardrobe - you have to dress for the job you want!
  • Apply for a principal admin program in September

Looks like a whole heck of a lot when its laid out like that but having deadlines and planning when things are going to happen is the way to success!



  1. Anonymous7:23 AM

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  2. I start mine Monday!!!

  3. Hey Kimberly!

    I started mine on Wednesday but I am really thinking I am going to have to STOP IT! Going to post about why today. I usually detox in the Spring and Fall....

    More to come



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