The Lord's Timing

On Thursday, it was my first day back to work and the kids first day back to school after them being home ill with the flu and pneumonia for 10 days straight. Don't ask. You already. Check the news.

Well, I was having one of THOSE mornings - you know the kind, everything crazy, no one really doing the right thing to leave the house - especially me. Because I find myself on the toilet with my coat on at 5 minutes to 8AM after fasting and starting a detox program the day before (see this or this post). When I should have left the house at least 10 minutes before!

I was soooo frustrated >_<

Like really?! I want to LEAVE and GO to WORK!


Wait did I just say I WANT to go to work?

Okay, well needless to say, I was running a little behind.

The thing is, I was witness to and almost seriously injured in a MAJOR accident.

I mean a FOUR CAR PILE UP with:

  • Two firetrucks
  • Three police cars
  • Two BGE trucks
  • & Sandbags to soak up all the car juices that flowed on the street...

I posted on Twitter my potty woes and then an hour later, I posted these:

The car that hit the red car as it tried to go straight (right of way) 
The car that was hit by the blue car (its other side is also messed up
and all of the air bags deployed) and that hit me.
The (brand new) car that was hit by the red car.
The driver said he'd gotten it 4 days prior!
The light/electrical post that cracked when the silver car hit it,
because of the red car.

I was running late and driving slow because my man called me. I stopped about two feet from the intersection, which I never do because I am always in a hurry, but for some reason; the Holy Ghost/God/who I am connected to, I stopped right before I would have taken a SERIOUS HIT.

My car

Side view

That is the ONLY DAMAGE!! (praise dance in full effect)

I tell you, all things work for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose! 

One of my Twitter followers replied that if not for GOD, I may have been in the middle of that accident and not on the periphery. She said, it was funny because I was just talking about how I was in process of strengthening my prayer life and fasting...

When she said that, it flashed before my eyes what COULD HAVE happened but didn't: I could have been dead or my son could have been hurt or my car could have totaled like the other people who were involved...

So, long story short, when you are having a bad day and things don't seem to be going your way in the morning or when you're on your way somewhere, be still and place your trust in the Lord for His timing is always PERFECT!



  1. This is so true and it really hit home for me. Often times, I'm always in traffic and while I'm stretching my neck to figure out what's going on, I finally see that there's some horrible accident and I'm grounded. Because that would have easily been me. I'm learning to trust more in the Lord and I'm getting better at accepting His timing.

  2. Hey Carla! That has been key for me to be still and know that the Lord is up to something when things are not going the way I envision them to go.

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