The Interview High Bun

HOT DANG - I did it again! This time it worked without so much drama too!

What did I use you say?

Well, to tame my militant edges this time, I used Eco Styler gel, WATER* and oyin handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade.

The WATER is what made all the difference!

To get started:
I pre-pooed my hair with my generic Sally's Biolage deep conditioner with a generous amount of coconut oil for 2 days in a bun (don't judge me I had sick kids and wasn't feeling too hot myself)
Washed & conditioned with my regular Suave Almond and Shea Butter set.
Detangled with my Hello Hydration conditioner.
Then blew it dry!

The ponytail of it all was the kicker! My edges were fighting back - curling up into little curls all around my hairline! LOL!

Those stubborn curls thought they had me too - I was getting frustrated and getting ready for my interview in the morning and ready to go to BED!

That is until I added some WATER on top of the gel between adding the pomade!

DING! It was like a light bulb went off as the hair began to conform to the ponytail nice and slick! I used my rat tail comb to smooth then my brush and it was like butter baby!

I never added any water the first time and by 10 o'clock in the morning, my edges were at it again!  My hairline was looking like someone let the hot buttered peas and curly corn out of the field and onto my hairline. smh.

My daughter laughed at my scarf combo, but hey! I didn't care.

First Scarf
Both Scarves

Wasn't NOTHING (lol) gonna stop my hair from behaving for my interview - especially not any wild sleeping on my behalf shooo! HA!

I figured hey - 2 scarves are better than one and I need to make sure this comes out in the morning! LOL!

Next post on Life/Style will be my IOTD - Interview Outfit of The Day!

Hopefully, I will need 2 more IOTDs as this job requires 3 rounds of interviews!



  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    sounds like you're going through what I go through with your niece's hair. curly edges

  2. Yes! My hair has so many textures its schizo. I have fine strands but they are tightly coiled at the nape and around the perimeter of my head. In the crown area, my hair strands are thicker and the curl is much looser and in the other areas the curl pattern varies from 3C-4A/B... Good luck with using this technique with your niece!

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