{Mac Mini-Haul} All Things Pink!

I have been hankering for some lipstick.

Some pink lipstick and in particular - PALE PINK

It's been made popular recently by Nikki Minaj with her Mac Pink Friday:

We've all seen it all over the place, but if you haven't

The Fancy Face blogger has this beautiful look mastered!

Her Full Face is FABULOUS!

Pink Friday with English Accents Lipglass


BUT when I tried on some of the pale pinks at the Mac counter in Nordstrom they didn't work out too well and I didn't want to have to go thru using a nude lipstick to even out my lip color

I have two-tone lips AND they are ALREADY pink - lol

I was only at the Mac counter at Nordstrom the other day because I needed to exchange my blot powder, for some reason it cracked up all over the place which was weird because I rarely use it, but alas I was in the RIGHT place!

I was able to snag a Mac Amplified Creme Lipstick in Girl About Town, a lip pencil in Magenta and of course the reason I went there to begin with - the Blot Powder in Dark.
MAC Mini-Haul

Girl About Town and Magenta

< Here is how it looks on me...

The lighter shades of pink were just not working out on me... I wish that I had taken a picture with them on to show but I figure I would show what works instead!

I got my pink! And in all honesty - Fuchsia is my FAVE shade of it so it's a WIN - WIN!

Peace, love and lipstick!