HOTD! Creamy Crack? Who Did THAT?

I was having some fun today guys...

I found a new way to take pics on my baby! These are the many faces of Faye... LOL!


I have a funny story - I changed my profile picture on my Facebook page earlier this week. Today, one of my girlfriends who is a Naturalista, asked me had I gone back to the creamy crack!! 


I am never going back.


My hair is so much more to me than just something on my head to make "others"comfortable. 

It speaks to my state of mind - it has a mind of its own, but someway, somehow it always matches how I feel deep inside; the way I view myself - beautiful the way God made me; and my surroundings - they have to conform to me, not the other way around... 

I am a force of nature and my hair should make sure it announces that to everyone when I walk into the room. Either subtly with a nice up-do or OUT LOUD with a fierce braid out!

She knows me tho... lol So she knows. Now.


  1. Anonymous2:46 AM

    hanks goodness! You are so right! It makes others comfortable. I live in the Middle East and I get stares AlL the Time. Can I touch it? Hell naw, My grandma said not to let ppl play in my hair. One even said, Ms Cheryl, you should get Keratin, (straightener) and maybe you get husband. Ohhhh is it that simple? You face nice, your hair no nice. Well, you cookie cutter, bleaching of the skin, misinformed lady. I happen to loveeeeee my hair and the color of my skin. Yes, our brown brothers and sisters here have been victims of colonization too. SMH!!!!

  2. I didn't respond here at first because I FB responded! I love you Cheryl! And you already know - shooot!


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