Happy New HAIR!

I am so loving the bantu knot - out on my week old flat-ironed hair! POW!

I re-did it from the 4 bantu knots that came out a lot less full into 8 bantu knots similar to this:

Me - trying on Babygirl's frames - They are nice right?

I am absolutely loving the effect! Soft waves tremendous body, its romantic and sexy - the ultimate bed head look!

I realized that I could probably make the curls tighter if I wet my hair because the back of my hair had sweated out a bit and the curl was much tighter back there! So right before I wash it, I am going to pre-poo and bantu knot it so that I can have a nice fuller curl pattern all over and see what happens...

Until we meet again!

Have Happy New Hair in your Happy New Year!