Caught Up

This is my jam... ((picture me with eyes closed, singing along))

i bet you always will... we could be on separate planets, mars and venus; heart to heart no space between us.... 'cause you know hearts  i could stay here, reside in this here city and you could sail clean 'cross the ocean. i bet you always will... u can't take away and you can't forget, that you been loving me long time, and i bet you always will... we could be on separate planets the earth or the moon heart to heart we're still in tune...

This song by Tweet always make me think about the enduring quality of true love.

I am loving someone like this... Its like I feel him, literally FEEL his aura touch mine when I'm close to him.

Its like every part of him metaphysically reaches out to me. Sometimes, I let him wash over me like a wave and bask in the love and desire and just am...

I wonder if he feels me reaching back? Cause I am.

I can get caught up, when I see you; you're so beautiful. - Tweet


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