Another Naturalista Meet-Up... Maybe?

I had a meet-up recently that I have yet to put the pictures up for... I know I suck but the pics and vids are on my daughter's camera and to be honest... I forgot. LOL!

(Look, I have a lot going on - check the Life/Style tab for all that info...)

Anywho. I spoke with one of the attendees today and we were looking to have another Naturalista Meet-Up experience as we all enjoyed ourselves at my little shindig.

Well, we looked into the one that was coming up and to our shock, it was $20 bucks for 2 HOURS!



The event was promoted as a hairstyling event where we would learn how to style our natural hair and was limited to 20 women with clean hair to attend....

How in the world will they be able to do 20 heads in 2 hours??  - Is my thing.

And then, to top it off, the only well known brand sponsor was Curls!

Look man, I am no one's label monger - I use Suave Naturals and the Generic Sally's brand of Biolage LOL! But at the same time, I don't want to pay $20 for an event where the goodie bag is filled with products that have no reviews or usage information readily available! Sorry, but my hair and I are nobody's guinea pigs! >_<  She takes offense to products being used on her that are not gonna "do her right!" And my pockets can't stand a hit for $20 bucks that may or may not be useful...

Well, after we did that dance around not going to the meet-up, my new friend and I...

(Curlfriends are the best friends...)

Decided that I should probably just throw another one... She said, "Girl, please. I was in your house for mad long AND we had bomb BBQ chicken!" LOL! "Shoot... I am NOT going to that other thing. When you gonna do it?"

She was right. My son was mad that we ate it all up and he only had two pieces... o_O I didn't respond because I have no idea!

BUT Maybe I will do another one... First I have to find sponsors. I am going to talk to my friend whose friends of the owners of oyin handmade (I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS!)

And perhaps research how other bloggers/vloggers/Meet-up(ers) - ? receive endorsements.

I WILL post those pics and video soon. I swear! LOLOL!

Until then,