20 Day Detox Update!


I mean postponement!


I know that major stars like Nicole Ari-Parker, Stevie Wonder, Serena Williams, Laz Alonso and Brandy to name a few have done it and actually, SO HAVE I - TWICE!

I just can't eat cold foods in the Wintertime! 

Don't get me wrong, I have been eating some delicious food! Salads and smoothies that are really great but I want to eat hot food and although the diet does allow for steamed rice and veggies that isn't cutting  it for me this time around; I find my self feeling unfulfilled after a meal or not wanting to eat it at all, which is messing with my desire to finish this detox at this time. 
Spinach, Tomato,  Carrot and Onion Salad
with KIND Bar and Brianna's Zesty French

Avocado and Mixed Greens Salad with Tomato & Carrot
Tropical Banana Maca Smoothie 
Banana Avocado Smoothie
Carrot Ginger Apple Juice

I prepared properly by paring down my diet; eating smaller portions initially (that smaller plate=smaller portion/portion control tactic really works), and then incorporating more salads and cutting out the chicken completely (I don't eat meat at all anyway) concentrating on fish and other seafoods in addition to my salads, fruits and nuts. I have already lost 5 pounds (!!!!) before I even started the detox eating salads like this:

Garlic Shrimp and Yellow Tomato Salad w/Avocado

But all of my preparation hasn't been enough! The only thing I can think about that is different is that I did it previously in Spring and Fall, when it was warm and I was able to eat cooler foods more comfortably and already do eat like that during those times.

I know its not about my comfort per se and I obviously want to be healthy, I just KNOW MYSELF and KNOW that I will continue to want and eat warm soup etc during this fast which may hinder its effectiveness.

I think I am going to contact Djehuty Ma’at-Ra, and ask him if I can stop and restart in the Spring and if I would be okay with it only being 18 days as I have already done two... SMH

Once I know what to do, I will continue...

Stay well,


  1. Good luck with your detoxing! I always commend people on doing fasts and detoxes.

  2. Thanks! I actually rescheduled the detox for Spring after talking to the maker of the program, Djehuty Ma'at Ra, I figured it would be best if I could adhere to the program's all raw food eating plan which I cannot do in the winter. He also said that the 18 days would be enough!


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