Holiday Hair Drama and New Year Success!!

This was a Christmas gift to myself and my daughter - I had someone else do my hair! It was an experience, but unfortunately not as pleasant as one would think. Afterwards, my hair was dry and a little crunchy towards the ends. I spoke with the stylist and although she didn't offer to redo my hair, which would have been ideal, she did concede that my hair (and my daughter's as well) posed a dilemma for her! She didn't know how much product to use (HUH?) so instead of using a lot of one product, she used a little bit of a few which didn't really work out well. Nor did she use the chase method or know what temp my hair was being pressed on (YIKES o_O) so it didn't work out well at all. 

I just pray for no heat damage especially after what I did next... lol

This is actually a picture of my hair after I RE-DID it! LOL! 
Products/Process I used:
The flat iron is a MegaHot Professional Series (Phoenix Edition to which I have the companion blow dryer as well. I love this flat iron much more than my CHI because it has a temperature dial that allows me to adjust the heat to 350ยบ which is what I use.

The products are CHI Keratin Mist and CHI Silk Infusion. Both of these are protective and contain cones as well and are strengthening and reconstructing for what my hair went thru!

In this picture, I put my hair in some Bantu Knots last night! Only four because I wanted some waves for the New Year! Also, I wanted to add some moisture to my ends and the Bantu Knots gave me an opportunity to add some moisture without having my hair revert back to curly when I want it a little straight still!

Products used: oyin handmade Shine and Define

Here is a you tube vid that I used last night from DenimPixie She did more like 8 or so, I was being a little lazy! LOL!

I love it - but I am going to but about 4 more tonight to get a more spiraled look!

I am going to be journaling along with Happy Black Woman to see what I will focus on in the New Year! Maybe you'll join me?

Enjoy your New Year's Celebration Naturalistas with great hair and great ways to make your new year your best one yet!!