WAIT! Before its All Over...

You might want to recollect what happened!

Rosetta Thurman of Happy Black Woman also had these questions for the previous year for you to review:
(Side note: I would only be doing the first set because, I make my peace as I go and reflect as things happen! Plus, I only want to remember the good and leave the past there, especially the unhappy bits.)

What I Want to Remember About 2012

  1. What was the most valuable lesson you learned this year?
  2. What was the biggest personal milestone you reached this year in your relationships, health, finances, education and/or lifestyle?
  3. What professional accomplishments (at work or in your business) were you most proud of this year?
  4. What was your favorite family/friends moment from 2012?
  5. What was the best book/blog/song/movie/restaurant/city/country/etc. you discovered this year?

What I Want to Leave Behind As I Enter 2013

  1. Which personal development area(s) did you make the LEAST progress on this year: health, finances, education, relationships, family, work and/or lifestyle?
  2. What promises (to yourself or others) did you break in 2012?
  3. What arguments/gossip/hurtful comments, if any, did you participate in or make this year that you wish you could take back and/or apologize for?
  4. What opportunities, if any, did you miss out on in 2012 because of fear or procrastination?
  5. What did you do in 2012, if anything, that was out of alignment with your values?
So before you do the preview you may want to do the review or vice versa - Whatever floats your boat!