Naturalista Meet-up!

Okay, so I am UBER excited right now... I have finally finalized the stylists sooooo... 
I am inviting naturals with panache and style, new naturals, older naturals in a rut with their natural hair care options, and experienced Natural Hair Stylists (One a Design Essentials Trainer, the other a stylist well versed in Natural Hair Care and her salon is in the building!).
We are going to chat about Winter maintenance and protective styling as well as have some light refreshments, a deluxe goodie bag raffle ($5 to enter raffle and you can pay at the door!) and give-aways from Oyin Handmade and Design Essentials. 
I will have youtube on the big screen featuring some of our favorite vloggers with their advice, tips and styling suggestions for the upcoming winter season. We can chat, get expert advice and enjoy each other - naturally!

See below for registration to attend the event!
Can't wait to see you all!
Stay loved and loving,