I'd thought I had been truly in love before, that is until now.

Its different every time of course, the feelings are familiar but with each new love they take on the shape, color and flavor of the interaction between the two involved.

This time...

The shape is formless and endless, finding itself conforming to the whims of our minds chasing and finding one another like hide and go seek only to be found easily again and again.

The color is a rainbow of shades so spectacular that it prismatically radiates love giving it a warmth that soothes like sunshine.

And the flavor is one that is indescribable - it reeks of cotton candy and tastes like life lived beautifully full.

This man could be my best friend.

Will be my best friend.

Is... becoming my best friend.

He Loves Me is his/our/my best way to describe our interaction yet it is still deficient because it's so one sided.

So In Love With You may tell the story better but not exactly or without He Loves Me as its chorus...

I just can't describe how I feel about him, the emotion, inside of me... I can feel it...

He may be the most unlikely, yet the most fitting man I've ever met.

In every way imaginable, he loves me from my hair follicle to my toenail... lol

Jill, you said it.