I took the braids out and my afro has grown tremendously! I am going to make my tee shirt so that I can see what my growth looks like over the next, I guess how ever long I'm going to monitor? I want to be waist length so I guess I will monitor until then huh? lol

I was having some issues with internet and my hair was in braids so I took a little hiatus from blogging, but as the title suggests....


And I'm back (almost) in time for the November blog post a day challenge I saw on my daily newsletter from Happy Black Woman! I love her blog posts! They are thought provoking and challenge deep set views about being a woman, being Black, being happy and what all of that means...

Anywho, I have been keeping tabs on my favorite bloggers hair: Shelli (aka Skills) from Hairscapades  and Alicia James and other wise and am feeling good about where I am with my hair and my personal life thanks to a little help from my friends (HEY! They're my friends in my head!) LOL!

In thinking about Shelli, who lost power during the vicious storm we all endured on this side of the country, I hope that everyone has power and gas and all of the necessities like food and clean water after Sandy came through and wrecked havoc on the East Coast! My sister is still without power and she said that the gas lines are terrible as well. I just hope that the gas the federal government is supplying will be helpful enough for everyone who is in need. I am also hoping that they are going to assist people with food in both NY and NJ! No power means no ability to refrigerate perishables and we never really take into account how much we need and use electricity until we no longer have access to it.

One thing we all have to remember is that if ALL ELSE FAILS WE STILL HAVE ONE ANOTHER (and GOD)!