Hair Update

Hey Guys!

Update on my hair process and HOTD (Hair of The Day)

When I took my braids out and my scalp was so tender that I left my hair in a big fro for a few days (see picture) then bunned it up to keep my ends out of harm's way and left it in there for a week! LOL!

Me and Joe Fro Styling!

The coconut oil was in it for a few days... This was like a 2 week process! o_O
Then I put in GPB conditioner for a day or so... with my hair bunned over the weekend.

I actually put Hello Hydration into it before I washed and detangled it with some water, a comb and my Denman brush then washed it with the Suave Almond and Shea Butter shampoo (with sulfates) - I expected to have some serious BUILD-UP, but I didn't. Probably because I used a toothbrush soaked in witch hazel with aloe vera in it every two weeks or so... I have to admit I lost a lot of hair in the shedding process. I expected it because my hair was shedding a lot before I put the braids in hence my putting them

I wish I had taken a picture of the big blob of hair that I flushed down the toilet but alas I was so upset about it being so big I just wanted it to go away!

Soo... For my first style out of the box braids, I decided to do a braid and curl using Oyin Hair Dew leave-in conditioner, the Shine and Define styling serum and the Burnt Sugar Pomade and I am LOVING IT! I had been wanting to try their line and I figured since I was gonna be taking out the braids it would be a great time to start something new and... It worked out!

The Hair Dew made my hair shiny and soft as soon as I put into my freshly washed, wet hair and then I added the Shine and define but I was not sure about it upon application; it was white and the feel of it was like custard then when I added the Burt Sugar Pomade it was weird, like my hair had a wax coating on it... I was afraid that I may have messed up BIG TIME! BUT...


Leaving the braids in for a day and a half also set my hair really well, soft, shiny full and smells GREAT too!  MY CURLS are POPPING! ^_^ YAY!

I am going to make my hair measurement tee-shirt sometime this week because I want to start seriously charting my growth...

Till next time,


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