Post-cut Pics!

Back - Almost identical in length! YAY!

Right Side - Noticeably shorter! o_O

Left Side - Identical to the right side...

  • Overall, I did a great job! (. . )
  • When I do it again, (YES I WILL BE DOING IT AGAIN!) I will be going a little harder. This time I only cut straight out to the side. Next time I will cut more straight up into the air for a more dramatic angle and deeper layer
  • Next up is a picture of my braid out! 
  • I am pleasantly pleased and not as tired as I thought I would be at 2:43 AM! LOL (must be the diatomaceous earth!)
Till next time


  1. I just noticed that I tilted my head to the side in BOTH of the side length shots...SMH I need help! LOLLOLLOL! That means it not that daggone long huh! DUH! LOLOL!


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