The Evolution of a Braid-Out!

I am so happy that I am working with my two textures and am able to blend them almost seamlessly. I am loving the evolution of my braid out this time! I think my recent hair cut took my braid out from this:
Which is actually really nice...

To this:  
Day 1 New shape
Which I think fames my face better and then,

To this: 

Day 2 - Morning

Then this: 
Day 2 Evening (After work)

And Finally this:

Day 3 Morning
I love the way it frames my face here even better than the first day. The volume increased and the curl definition was still evident! I have gotten so many compliments on my new look I am super STOKED!!

In conclusion....

This has been THE BEST BRAID-OUT EVER! I contribute it to the fact that I didn't use a lot of product and kept it simple.

The Process:
  • I parted and sprayed my recently washed and blown hair with water and Infusium 23 to moisten it
  • Then sprayed it with Shea Moisture Hold and Shine Moisture Mist 
  • Added some of my Soul Purpose Moroccan Amber Hair Butter, paying special attention to my ends - this made my hair mad shiny and assisted with the detangling with my Denman brush.  
  • I braided it into 12 braids and rodded the ends with the grey perm rods.

I love the way it came out the first day and every consecutive day after it WAS THE BOMB!

This will be my go to out style from here on out...

Well, at least until I try the roller set! ;~)



  1. Yeah, I'm really digging how your volume increased and framed your face on day 3 Faye!! You did a great job! I'm still too much of a coward to try to cut my own hair! LOL!! I'll leave that to Tameeka/Jaded Tresses!! Fortunately, she is nearby and accommodating!! I'll try to get it trimmed/shaped every 6-12 months now. I think my ends will be so much better now that I got the cut and am incorporating protein regularly!

    Oh, and I'm in the GOC and cut my hair ... so nothing wrong with that at all!!

  2. Thanks Shelli! I figured - Hey it's hair! Plus I cut my daughter's hair all the time... I didn't realize how different it was mechanically to cut my own until I did it though... LOL!

    I am glad I won't be kicked out of the GOC! LOL! I just want my hair to grow into a shape that I can love and work with. Speaking of protein and treatments; I actually went and got the GPB condish and I used it too...

    Not sure I love it but I didn't do it at home with my regular routine.... So I am going to give it another go before I go in...

  3. OH and I am AMPED that YOU liked it!


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