Layer Cuts, Under-Cuts & LUSH!

Okay, so my daughter wants to rush her transition period so that she can get an under-cut and color her hair... I told her that she should wait because of the henna deposits from the 4 henna treatments she has had over the past 6 months, but she didn't believe me until....

We went to Lush and the salesgirl explained to her the same thing I was saying, then, all of a sudden, SHE GOT IT...SMH Teenagers! LOL!

Anyway, because of her haste, she had me cut her hair into layers to speed up the process. NO, I am not a licensed hairstylist or anything but I figure, shoot - I have been getting my hair cut for over 20 years and I am a quick learner -  so I watched a video Yoshi's Cutting Hair into Layers and cut her hair like a pro.

Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures during the process so I can only show you the after but trust me, I did it! LOL! I will post pictures of it later this week, it rained and her hair is a bit poofy right now.

Okay, back to me and my GOC - I went into Lush to get some samples of R & B and Retread. I heard they are really great and wanted to try them out. I love the Lush store; I had my nephew, RJ, and my son, Joseph, with me and one of the salesgirls was so nice to them! She entertained them with bubbles and gave my son, who has extreme eczema on his hands, a rub down and a sample of this stuff called Lemony Flutter and she also used some other lotion on him that I need to figure out what it was because his hands were wonderful for two days afterwards!

...I went off on a tangent again huh... Well, I got the samples and I am using them as I type - well I am sitting under the dryer with the Retread and plan on using the R & B as a leave in when I blow my hair out along with my usual CHI styling aids for heat protection.

Oh and this may go against the GOC, (I hope not) but I am cutting my hair into layers as well. I need more shape and definition to my curly styles and thanks to Shelli's new haircut, I am TOO AMPED to wait any longer! LOL! I am going IN! I am only going to cut off about an inch all around and since I have about 3-4 to lose in terms of relaxed ends, its all good...


This want put me off of my GOC challenge goals, will it?!

I am also changing my regimen to co-washing once a week and washing once a month from now on. I think this will help my hair stay moist in the summer season as well as assist me in retaining length.

Pictures forthcoming!