Happy Mother's Day!

The following is a response to this:PeaceLoveAndPrettyThings Post on mother and daughter relationships. IT stuck a chord with me today as it is Mother's Day.... Check it out and then my response! 

This is truth. EVERYTHING we go through is part of our process, the trick is to remember that or to stay present through the difficult times long enough to learn the lessons and/or hold on to the things we will need later. Life is meant sometimes to tenderize us and the beatings we take are not always pleasant but well worth the flavor we mature into if we don't become bitter. Love is always the ultimate goal... 

I'd always had a strained relationship with my mother as a youth and into my young adult hood. These things slowly faded as I realized I didn't know Jo-Anne/Yasmin, I knew Mommy and they were two different people. It sounds strange but as a mother, I realize the dichotomy that exists. Once I was able to vent my frustrations and hurt feelings to her and gather some understanding that IT WASN'T ABOUT ME (LOL) and that her intentions were NEVER TO HURT ME, we became the best of friends and I got to know Yasmin.

This post touched me deeply as my mother was Shiite Muslim growing up, then seemingly atheist, then devoutly Christian over the span of my lifetime. But in the end, she died on May 22, 2008m she was my favorite person and best friend and that was all that mattered.