Hair Crisis?

I had my hair in an updo yesterday and today, and in a scarf wrap on Sunday. I was supposed to wash it this weekend but it was SAT and Junior Prom for my teen and NO TIME for all of that, so I didn't.

I went to take the up-do out this evening and my hair was a dry straw-like mess! I hadn't combed or detangled in days, but the breakage I saw was unnerving, especially because it seemed to be A LOT of breakage and SSKs but not so many whole strands...

I am sad. I put my hair in a braided headband style and put in 6 braids to sleep in tonight for a braid out, using the SMCES (Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie) and SPSHB (Soul Purpose Shea Hair Butter). I am going to have to wash and deep condition soon.

Shooting for Thursday. But will Pre-Poo with some EVCO tomorrow when I get in, bun it and then wash.

May the Hair Be with You (and not in the sink).