New Do!

First day Braid-Out with my relaxed ends on rods. LOVE IT! It wasn't very voluminous but the braid pattern was really defined and my hair was shiny and soft. I used Chime's, from HairCrush on YouTube, regimen for the braid-out - I only used the Giovanni's leave-in and I used grapeseed oil to take down the twists.

I used Giovani's Direct Leave-in and unfortunately I may have used too much, (it was my first time) because my hair was not dry in the morning, and a little flaky (?). This meant I had to wear my braids pinned up... I should have taken a pic of that look in hindsight, 'cause it was some kind a cute! I had my little one braid that did dry laying on my forehead like a little curly cue!

Anyway, when I finally took it down it was great! What do you think?

This is it today. Second day braid out hair after sleeping with it in a bonnet (not re-braided!) I think it looks GREAT! I am going to re-braid it today because I am not going to push it... My relaxed ends are not gaining the volume my roots are and I don't want to look like I have an afro under my defined curls.

So... Tonight, I am going to mist with some aloe vera juice and water after I moisturize with a little bit of Shea Moisture's Smoothie...

Getting this regimen down to a science is what I strive for, because I want consistent results, growth and health for my hair and my life as well. I never realized how much my hair affected the rest of my household regimen until now. I have to set aside a day per week or ten days to do my hair as well as my daughter's and that is with working on some Saturday's, softball and t-ball games along with Junior Prom and SAT prep/testing! Talk about BUSY!

On the weight loss front I am officially 152 and that's one pound down! I have been faced with a bag full of candy and a whole lot of SNACKS! Its CRAZY how as soon as you make a decision you are faced with some kind of test! I PASSED!

Well, kinda... lol I only ate two jelly beans! LOLOL