GOC The Grow Out Challenge!

Okay, so I missed the deadline for entry into the GOC with Hairscapades BUT I am going to go it alone and "Play At Home" LOL!

Name: Its me! Faye  - That NY Poet Girl

HAIR Goals:

  • I am now at APL and want to be at BSL at the end of the challenge
  • I am transitioning and not planning on BC'ing any time soon 
  • I want to learn and incorporate more protective styling along with my new staples of Bantu Knot Outs and Braid and Curl outs a la my Pinterest Hair Styles page


Bantu Knot Out on Blown-dry Hair

  • I was 165 and am now 153. My ultimate weight goal is 145 BUT I am planning on doing some strength training so I am going to start measuring my waist and arms because I am looking for a sculpted look more than a weight loss at this time.
  • I have already lost 12 of the 20 lbs I want to lose before my birthday in August, which means I have 8 lbs to go! YAY
  • I would be happy if I am at 150, but with a 28 inch waist and 2 inches off of each arm circumference.
  • My current natural waist is: 31.5 inches and my midsection/waistband is (or rather the FAT PART! LOL) is 34 inches (DAMN! I didn't know it was that daggone fluffy in that part of my body...) GOAL: 28 for Natural waist and 31 for Midsection
  • My current arm circumference is: 12 inches GOAL: 10 inches
  • Is wanting your face to be less FAT a weight-loss goal? IJS... smh
NO PICS OF THE FATNESS - I know... I know... I am just not gon' be able to do it!


  • Wash and DC every 10 days using:
    • Suave's Almond and Cocoa Butter Shampoo and Jane Carter's Moisturizing Shampoo (Alternating)
    • DC using my own mix of mayo, egg and olive oil, mixed with Suave's Almond and cocoa butter conditioner
  • Herbal Essences Hello Hydration for detangling in the shower
  • Giovanni's Direct Leave-in and Kinky Curly Knot Today (Alternating)
  • Shea Moisture Hair Milk, Smoothie and IC Gel for styling along with some Enlightenment Hair Butter (by Karmic Earth Naturals) for my Bantu knot out
  • I will seal with pure unrefined coconut oil and pre-poo with it as well
I realize that both of the shampoos have sulfates... Jane Carter is a good brand all around so I will see what happens and the Suave shampoo and conditioner was 6.70 for two HUMONGOUS  40 OZ bottles! I couldn't say no...lol

  • I am going to do 30 minutes of circuit/strength training daily in the morning using inspiration from my Work Out Regimen board on Pinterest as well as incorporate my Gazelle Glider 3 times per week
  • I am going to weigh-in once a week 
  • I am going to eat before 8 PM on days I go to bed at 10 PM and before 9 PM on days I go to bed at 11PM
  • My diet is usually clean no soda, alcohol etc, but I have a carb/candy/cake addiction, which is contributing to my high sugar count as well as the extra weight I am carrying and one of the main reasons I have to work out and lose this weight
  • Vitamins
    • OTC Prenatal Vitamin - Whole Foods
    • MSM - Trader Joe's
  • Daily shot of ACV with honey and lemon to curb carb cravings
  • Green tea one cup daily with honey
  • Snacks
    • Assorted raw nuts, raisins and cranberries - TJ's has a 10 pack for 4.99 of just the right size for a snack!
    • Fruit (assorted)
  • Juicing MORE. I haven't been and need to either do that or make smoothies more often.
I wanna get back to this:

REWARDS! (Happy Dance!! YAYAY!)

Shopping Spree
  • Shoes (3 pairs) 
    • Animal print flats 
    • Flowered print wedges 
    • Bright platform sandals
  • Two suits for work! 
    • Pant suit
    • Skirt Suit


  1. Welcome lady!!! Sorry, I'm so behind on replying to comments!!! I'll post your "At Home Player" submissions this month on the site! Maybe next week? Thank you for your interest and participating:)!! I love finding out about new readers:)!!


  2. Faye!! I thought I left a comment on here!! Did you see it??

  3. I too can be slow in responding! I am actually just getting into the house from work and church today! Wednesdays are long but fruitful!

    SO GLAD to be aboard! Can't wait to get to growing!

    May the Growth Be with You!


  4. Hey didn't realize you were part of the GOC! Now I have to check you out!!

  5. Hey Miss. Leah!

    I am going to post my length and progress with the GOC sometime tonight! I have been ultra busy with my graduation and my son leaving pre-school and my daughter looking for colleges etc... I haven't been on my game.

    I am going to wash and blow so I can show some progress for the GOC as well as some updates !



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