Going Back to Happy - Nappy Natural That Is!

I've been sporting a weave for the past three months and am soooo ready to BIG CHOP!

I really don't want to BC actually, I just want my hair to be one cohesive texture (Yeah right! ONE texture - Laughable!)

Or at the very least all natural as my hair is a bit schizo when it comes to texture let's see...

  • The very front and all around my hair line the hair is fine yet tightly coiled 4A
  • The band of hair in the back from ear to ear right above that dense and coarse 4B
  • The crown of my hair is fine loosely curled and easily straitened 3C
It's a hot mess but its MINE and I LOVE IT! 

I have had a teeny weeny afro


I have had something a little textured and in-between the two (lol)

This time I want my natural a little longer so that I can do more styles and experiment a bit more like CharJay does with hers... Here's a pic of her rocking some hot styles from her Blog Banner...


I just cannot wait, but patience is a virtue. I think my natural hair is only about as long as the "in-between" and I don't know if I want to work with that length at this time.... 


I guess I'll have to wait and see what emerges from this weave in two weeks!