Strangers RIP (10/10/10 - 11/10/10)

Fell in love; a familiar stranger
Didn’t recall the hidden danger
Cloaked in familiarity
I allowed him close to me
So close
I couldn’t see his whole
Only parts
He chose to show
Later conversations reveal so much
‘bout love and life and work and such
consumed by belief I have been duped
parts not equaling the whole I assumed
So I, the ass, and asinine
Refuse to whimper, cry or whine
Just let go and fall back out
Fade to mist, leave behind doubt
Initial words were just intentions
Ways to be, not fully reached yet
Blooms and pretty words gave way
To petty grievances held in sway
Over my head, me unaware
To where did that sweet man, disappear?
Sullen, angry thoughts and deeds
Killed my love, fragility
Is all that’s left in this affair
No room to talk or even repair
The broken glass is on the floor
Shards everywhere, and evermore
Feel like a conquest, yet not
For all I am, he never got
It’s okay, ‘cause I am me
And will be happy, naturally!

Tanefa Wallace 2010