Its Official.. I am a Slacker-Poet

I haven't written in weeks or maybe about a month and I don't have the urge, I'm lying well maybe a little niggling here and there but nothing that has formed fully in my mind...

I recall talking to AdLib and recognizing his process of getting an idea for a poem and then sitting and , but I have never written poetry like that - like its a writing assignment... Writing has always been inspired and written (it seemed) before I put my pen to paper. I would always go back and look at it and perhaps edit it but my poetry always seemed to flow from me unhindered and without effort.

I am unsure if its because I have bee thinking about writing fictional prose and developing characters that are tangible and real that my poetry has taken a backseat or if my poetry muse is being hi-jacked by my fiction one!

Either way, Poetry and I have been lovers for a long while and I am sure that it will never leave me for good....


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