You See ME, But Do I?

One of my FB friends said to me a while back "I see you" and I had just saw the movie Avatar and instantly I got it. She saw me the way I am to God and to myself at my most optimistic and peaceful. I was grateful for her saying that because it let me know I was on the path to becoming that person I catch glimpses of in the mirror at times.

It made me think -
How can I keep being that person I catch glimpses of?
How can I hold on to the magic that is truly me internally?
How can I project the BEST ME ALL OF THE TIME?

I am not sure yet but I am working on SEEING ME the way others and GOD does...

Maybe, just maybe that is the key...


  1. Angie Renie12:08 PM

    wow gerat post I'm on a path to see ME as God and others see me. The great things people say about me should be how I see ME also. Working on it though. Please share as you unfold and see the YOU that God and others see. This is my first time on your blog but believe me it won't be the last. Keep up the good work.

  2. YES sis!!! because if all of us are seeing the SAME thing, then honey...look within and you'll find that Goddess we love as well... you're still a woman that was made in God's image, and you emody every inch of your being... you manifest divinity... you hold keys to clarity for ages and you remain timeless...past life, present life, and future incarnations ahead of us honey... love u..u just gained another follower! muah!

    pss...I'm glad you never stopped writing! I'm so sooooo glad!

  3. WOW! To my new follower Angie-Thanks! I hope you tune in to watch what happens next. I cannot say it will all be pretty, but it will all be real life.

  4. To my sister - I appreciate that, I really do and I guess I needed to hear it from someone I admire and love dearly.


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