Wily Women

wild and untamable,
sometimes called unnameable -
because of how they move.
unpredictable unforgettable
also seemingly un-get-able
'cause to figure them out
is to spoil their charm.
they never mean to do harm
but broken hearts and sometimes arms
abound where they were last found.
'cause to reach for them -
when you arm is not strong
is to ask to box with God,
when your arms ain't that long.
mental acuity and physical agility
just a few of their many abilities
that will bring some to their end.
and those that are their friends
are just as omnipotent;
spiritually fluent
in all the ways of worship.
starting with self first,
cause knowing their self worth
is what makes them wild...

All Rights Reserved Copyright 2009 Tanefa Wallace