Makes Me

Makes me
Memorize moans
Conjure caresses
Recall name calling hymns
sung softly in bright darkness.
Pocketed pulsations
pulled out in full view
of those who wonder why,
I am glassy eyed.
They wouldn't understand
if I told them.
Showed them,
But internally
is where the secret lies.
Hits ALL the spots
360 degrees
and minutes
makes for molten
liquid flow.
Skin fire flushed
but unscorched.
Takes me by surprise
every time, but, EVERY TIME?
A 100% success rate?
Unheard of in these days
of drive-by one nighters.
Cashing coochie coupons
for second rate scores
of half-assed ass.
Getting what they paid for -
for sure
'cause cash is dirty.
And this thing here,
ain't got no cut on it.
Pure and unadulterated.
Rated quadruple OG.
For all the OGs
that know what that means.
Makes me
but neva lets my head
hit the floor
when it hangs
over the edge
of the bed...
don't move...
just lay in it
fall asleep
in it

All Rights Reserved Copyright 2009 Tanefa Wallace